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Googles street view hiccup

Googles street view hiccup

Google was under pressure last week as it’s street view vehicles managed to gain access to data over peoples Wi-Fi connections.

A Google spokesman told Web User: “We are profoundly sorry for mistakenly collecting payload data in the UK from unencrypted wireless networks. Since we announced our mistake in May we have cooperated closely with the ICO and worked to improve our internal controls.”

“As we have said before, we did not want this data, have never used any of it in our products or services, and have sought to delete it as quickly as possible. We are in the process of confirming that there are no outstanding legal obligations upon us to retain the data, and will then ensure that it is quickly and safely deleted,” the spokesman continued.

The Metropolitan Police are looking into complaints about this after information from a privacy campaign group. Could this be the end of the road for Google – or just the end of that road maybe.

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